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Indianapolis Dental Bridges

A missing tooth can affect your appearance and oral health. If you're missing a tooth or teeth, book a visit to John H. Hartman DDS to discuss how a bridge can improve your smile. John Hartman, DDS has provided many patients with beautiful and functional bridges at his practice in Indianapolis, Indiana. Call the office or book your visit online, and get started with your bridge today.

Bridges Q & A

What is a bridge?

A bridge is a fixed prosthetic appliance used to replace one or more missing teeth. There are many types of bridges used to suit different dental needs, but they all involve permanently securing a pontic (artificial tooth) to the teeth next to your missing tooth (abutment teeth) to fill a gap between teeth. Some common types of bridges include:

Traditional bridge
A traditional bridge holds your pontic in place with crowns sealed to the sides of the pontic and then bonded to your abutment teeth.

Cantilever bridge
A cantilever bridge is similar to a traditional bridge, but only has one crown instead of two.

Maryland bonded bridge
A Maryland bonded bridge forgoes crowns and instead uses a metal or ceramic framework sealed to the backside of your abutment teeth.

Why should I get a bridge?

There are many benefits to replacing your missing tooth or teeth with a bridge. For example, the empty spaces left by missing teeth can be cosmetically unappealing. A bridge restores the fullness of your appearance, improving your self-esteem, and giving you more confidence.

Bridges also enhance your oral health in several ways. It can improve your ability to properly speak and chew your food, prevent your remaining teeth from shifting, and evenly distribute the force in your bite.

How do you install a bridge?

It only takes a couple of appointments for Dr. Hartman to replace your missing tooth with a bridge. During your first visit, Dr. Hartman prepares your abutment teeth for the crowns of your bridge, then takes an impression of your mouth.

He sends that impression to a lab that designs and fabricates the bridge according to the precise size and shape of your impression. You wear a temporary bridge while you wait for the lab to finish making the permanent restoration.

Once your permanent bridge is finished, you come back to Dr. Hartman for a second visit. He checks to make sure that your bridge fits comfortably. If everything looks good, he uses dental cement to seal it in place and sends you on your way with a beautifully restored smile.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hartman today by calling his office or booking a visit online, and learn more about how a bridge can improve your oral health

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