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Broken/Cracked Teeth Repair in Indianapolis

A broken or cracked tooth can be painful, unhealthy, and can detract from the appearance of your smile. If you've experienced a broken or cracked tooth, schedule a visit to John H. Hartman DDS in Indianapolis, Indiana. John Hartman, DDS, is a highly skilled dentist who can repair, restore, or replace your broken or cracked tooth safely and effectively. You can book your appointment by calling Dr. Hartman's office or using the online tool to schedule.

Broken/Cracked Tooth Q&A

What causes a broken or cracked tooth?

There are many ways to break or crack your tooth, including:

There are also a variety of conditions that can leave your teeth more susceptible to breaking or cracking, such as extensive decay or large fillings. Age can also contribute to a cracked tooth since most cracks happen in people over 50 years old.

What can a broken or cracked tooth lead to?

A broken tooth can be incredibly painful. This pain can potentially be debilitating and disruptive to your daily routine. Depending on the severity of the break or crack, you might also run the risk of your tooth falling out.

A broken or cracked tooth can also significantly impair your overall oral health. When your tooth is broken or cracked, it's easier for harmful bacteria to enter and infect your inner tooth tissues. If left untreated, this infection can spread to neighboring teeth, your gums, and your jawbone.

In addition to the pain and health concerns, a broken or cracked tooth can also be a cosmetic concern and can leave you self conscious or embarrassed of your smile.

How can I tell if I have a broken or cracked tooth?

Some of the symptoms that might accompany a cracked or broken tooth include:

Not all cracked or broken teeth show symptoms. In some cases, you might not notice you have a broken or cracked tooth until Dr. Hartman examines your mouth.

How do you treat a broken or cracked tooth?

Dr. Hartman offers a variety of treatments for cracked and broken teeth. If your crack is minor, he might be able to fix it with cosmetic bonding, which involves applying plastic resin to fill the crack and restore the structure and appearance of your tooth.

If your crack is more severe, he might recommend restoring your tooth with a crown, which is a prosthetic tooth cap sealed on top of your tooth.

In extreme cases, your cracked or broken tooth might require a root canal or an extraction. If your tooth needs to be extracted, Dr. Hartman provides several options to replace missing teeth, like dental implants and bridges.

Schedule a visit with Dr. Hartman by calling the office or booking online, and restore your cracked or broken tooth today.

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